Research on the Colorado River Basin

The following research documents were created by Nathan Eiden as part of his PhD dissertation research. The work is part of an ongoing set of water-related research conducted at Oregon State University, connected with the greater Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database.

Collected here is an Upper Colorado events database and two related papers. The first paper looks at the Colorado River basin as a case study in the context of intranational cooperation and conflict. The second paper analyzes social, economic, and environmental aspects of the Upper Colorado River Region from 1970-2005.

Additionally, resources on the Colorado River are available through the Western Water Assessment at Colorado University Boulder, including transcripts from the 1922 compact sessions. Link:

Seligman's "Laws of the Rivers" provides an excellent overview of the compacts, treaties, etc. that govern the major rivers in the U.S., including the Colorado.

This database is a work in progress, and we invite observations and additional entries. Please contact Aaron Wolf with comments or requests for additional information. For questions concerning the functional operation of the database, please contact Melissa McCracken. For questions on the events database or papers, please contact Nathan Eidem directly.

Collaborating Partners

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